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Self Care Equals Self Love

Since I was little I have always been that early bird that catches the worm type of person, sleeping in was never a thing for me. To this day I am an early riser, I love getting up before the sun or with the sun. This morning, for instance, we just had two days of… Continue reading Self Care Equals Self Love


A Hiatus Led To Vision

This morning as I sat outside in our little garden, I sipped my coffee in the quiet of the early morning, it was 6:30 a.m. when I grabbed my laptop to begin writing this post. I felt a need to write and share my thoughts today. I wrote and read over my words before finalizing… Continue reading A Hiatus Led To Vision


Book Nerd At Your Service

I have always been a book worm, even as a child, you could find me in a book store enjoying books or borrowing books. I always came home with arms loaded with books to read. I read my mother's entire library that was in the basement of our 4-bedroom home that I grew up in.… Continue reading Book Nerd At Your Service


It’s Not Just A Paycheck

I have been keeping busy offline with my career. I am working to build my career path and getting focused with that. For the first time in years I have set up goals for myself and I have a plan that my team lead is working with me to achieve. I lost my focus, my… Continue reading It’s Not Just A Paycheck


Where Do You Focus Your Energy?

Over the last two weeks I decided to put myself into a short blogging or writing hiatus. I have a real life that needs more attention more than my blogging or online life does. Yes! I really do have an awesome and busy real life with real adult stuff going on. I have matured quite… Continue reading Where Do You Focus Your Energy?